Xcar tests Cayman GT4, wonders if it's finally knocked off big brother

Should you buy a Porsche Cayman and save a whole butt-load of money, or just get a 911? That question, friends, has never been as difficult to answer as it is today, where you can get a Cayman that not only undercuts its big brother on price, but in many ways, delivers a better driving experience.

Of course, we're talking about the Cayman GT4, a car that pilfers the old 911 Carrera S 3.8-liter, flat-six engine and the GT3's adaptive suspension system and carbon-ceramic brakes. Not only does it borrow from big brother, but it's arranged in what some might argue is a more logical manner, parking that naturally aspirated boxer smack-dab in the middle, rather than at the back like the 911. Oh, and the manual-only GT4 is only a tenth slower to 60 than the new, turbocharged Carrera S, but has a starting price that's $18,800 lower. Yes, you read that correctly, the GT4 is a Ford Focus less than the standard-bearing Porsche.

Naturally, Xcar keeps all this in mind as it tests the GT4, a vehicle that it comes to a rather interesting conclusion about. Of course, we won't spoil that for you, so head on up and check out the entire test, as Xcar's Alex Goy tests out what may well be a genuine alternative to the 911.

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