Recharge Wrap-up: Norwegian EV club rally video, runoff kills salmon

Formula E, Julius Baer Extend Partnership Through Season 5

A video of a Norwegian electric car club rally is proving to be quite popular. The video shows about 50 cars from the Norsk elbilforening (Norwegian EV Association) driving through the small town of Geiranger on winding roads to a scenic mountaintop. With 25,000 views on Facebook and YouTube, it appears there are many others who enjoy watching a convoy of EVs wind their way through the picturesque mountains of Norway. Thanks to government incentive programs and robust charging infrastructure, Norway boasts more electric vehicles per capita than any other country in the world. Enjoy the video above, and read more at Green Car Reports.

Roadway runoff kills salmon quickly. A new study finds that stormwater runoff in urban area is toxic enough to kill coho salmon in as little as 2.5 hours. Certain places saw as much as 90 percent of female fish killed by the runoff. While the researchers haven't pinpointed which chemicals in the water are responsible for the deaths, they have found a solution to the problem. Filtering the water through gravel, soil and compost kept fish from getting sick or dying. "It's great that the treatment gets rid of toxicity from this nasty stuff," says the Washington Department of Ecology's Karen Dinicola, who also points out the difficulty in retrofitting urban water collection systems. Read more from The Seattle Times.

Formula E has extended its relationship with Swiss banking group Julius Baer. The electric racing series' Global Partner has signed on through the fifth season ending in 2019. "Since the beginning of the partnership Julius Baer and Formula E have shared common values such as innovation, sustainability and forward-looking pioneering spirit," says Julius Baer CEO Boris Collardi. "We look forward to continue to adhere to these values and to share a vision of a world with more sustainable means of transport with our stakeholders and clients." Read more from Formula E.

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