Chris Harris is a master of combining thoughtful opinions and smoky slides when it comes to reviewing things with four wheels, but he's switching to two for his impressions the Ducati Scrambler. Harris has also only had his motorcycle license for a few months, though. So rather than as a professional bike journalist, he decided to offer some perspective on this new, Italian machine as a novice. While Harris didn't hoon Ducati around like he might have with a Porsche, he still found something to say about the brand's more rider-friendly cycle.

Harris brings some sardonic wit to riding the Scrambler, and he freely admits that this isn't at all a hardcore bike. That doesn't mean it isn't fun, though. The fact that the Ducati is so simple and relaxed stands as some of the cycle's biggest advantages in Harris' opinion. Plus, he's able to find room to make a reference to the classic motorcycle documentary On Any Sunday. While some audio issues creep up when he's on the road, Harris still excels at communicating what makes a vehicle special, even when clearly out of his element.

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