Jay Leno disguises himself to prank Uber passengers

See the kinda crazy looking driver up above with a lot more hair on his face than on his head? He says his name is Rocco, and that he's a driver for UberBlack, but his voice sounds awfully familiar. Then he starts making small talk with the passengers he picks up, and... wait. What are all these GoPro cameras for? And why does he keep bringing up late night talk show hosts?

Okay, the jig is up. The mysterious Uber driver is none other than Jay Leno, and he's out to pick up unsuspecting passengers as part of a promotional campaign for Jay Leno's Garage. His car-centric show used to be hosted only on the web, but it's coming to family rooms all over the country on CNBC starting Wednesday, October 7. For the calendar-averse among us, that's this week.

Of course, we've been watching Jay Leno's Garage videos long enough to have, at the time of writing, 11 pages worth of them on these very pages. And in case you're wondering, this may very well be the first time Jay's been in one of these videos wearing something other than denim top to bottom. Which may help explain why his Uber passengers didn't pick up on the trick any sooner. That and the excess facial hair, which helped hide what's probably his most tell-tale in-person visual feature – listen closely around 40 seconds into the video above to see what we mean.

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