Ken Block shakes down the Ford Focus RS

There are still several months until the all-wheel-drive Ford Focus RS arrives at dealers in spring 2016, and Ford is is adding to the suspense with the first installment of its eight-part Rebirth of an Icon series. After delving into the history of the RS moniker and its relation to the Focus, the clip finally gets down to business by putting Ken Block and Raj Nair, the automaker's product development vice president, behind the wheel of the upcoming hot hatch on the test track.

Since this is an early preproduction vehicle that's still wearing camo, sadly Block isn't able to do any of the big, smoky slides that he's famous for. He does offer some driving impressions, though. He also talks about working with the Blue Oval to get a previous-gen Focus RS in the US. With the background about the model now out of the way, future episodes in this series are set to go deeper into the development and testing.

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