Land Rover SVO planning ultra-luxe $250k+ Range Rover

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The Range Rover may be the original luxury SUV, but it doesn't hold the territory all to itself anymore. In fact there's a whole mess of new super-luxe sport-utes on their way. And while Land Rover may not slot an altogether new model above the current Range Rover, it is planning on taking the existing model further up-market.

Just how up-market, you ask? North of $250,000, potentially. This according to John Edwards, the head of Jaguar Land Rover's Special Vehicle Operations division, who spoke to Auto Express recently about the prospect. With Bentley hitting the market with the new Bentayga, while Rolls-Royce prepares to follow with the Cullinan, and even Mercedes-Maybach tipped to get into the game as well, Land Rover isn't about to leave the top end of the market to its rivals.

The flagship Range Rover model currently starts at $84,950. But you can spec it out all the way up to $199,495 in top-level, long-wheelbase SVAutobiography spec (pictured). That model sells for £164,600 in its home market, but Edwards says there'd be room to push north of £200k. Apply that same differential to the US price list and you're looking at a good $250k, if not more.

That'd make it a good three times the price of the base model, which might seem quite the stretch – so JLR SVO will have to pull some serious tricks out of its diamond-quilted hat in order to justify the asking price, even to the world's richest oil barons, heads of state, fortunate heirs, and captains of industry. But one thing's for sure: Land Rover isn't about to let Bentley and Rolls-Royce steal away its customers without a fight.

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