2.1M Audi vehicles used cheater software

As the days go by, the public is continuing to get a better idea about how many Volkswagen Group diesel engines are equipped with software that can cheat emissions tests and exactly where they are located. Audi is now clarifying where its affected models are, as well, and the luxury automaker says there are 2.1 million of them around the world.

Among this total, Audi has 1.42 million in Western Europe, including 577,000 in Germany, Reuters reports, and some some examples from the A1, A3, A4, A5, A6, TT, Q3, and Q5 model lines have the duplicitous software. Audi spokesperson Bradley Stertz tells Autoblog that the company estimates there are 13,000-14,000 in the US and about another 1,500 in Canada. On this side of the pond, only the A3 TDI has the emissions tech. Stertz said that the brand's 3.0-liter V6 diesel is confirmed not to be affected.

As a whole, Volkswagen accounts for 11 million vehicles with the emissions-evading tech on the EA 189 engine globally. German authorities report 2.8 million of them in that country, and the Environmental Protection Agency counts another 482,000 in the US.

VW Group hasn't specified a fix for this problem yet, but the automaker has already put aside around $7.3 billion for the repairs. The corporation has also cleaned house internally. Matthias Müller has become the new CEO, and it has created a new business unit for the US, Canada, and Mexico under Winfried Vahland's control as of November 1. The big changes have already started reverberating through the company, including reportedly scuttling a deal with Red Bull to enter Formula One.

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