Two Mercedes-Benz drivers in the UK refused to give way in a one-lane tunnel causing a frustrating traffic jam for everyone else on the road. The tense standoff occurred on Forlease Road in Maidenhead, England. A woman in a convertible Mercedes entered a tunnel where she had the right of way to proceed, according to The Daily Mail. However an older man, also in a Mercedes, was almost through the tunnel and seemed unable to reverse. In the video, frustrated drivers are seen negotiating, pleading, and arguing with each of the drivers, trying to convince one of them to give up the ground. While traffic was piling up behind the woman's Mercedes, a man in a reflective vest yelled at her in frustration.

"There are mums around here trying to get their kids from school," he pointed back at the cars standing still behind her. "Just back up, love! You're being ridiculous." Bystander Brad Haverly shot the video. He told The Mail that the woman wouldn't give up because she had the right of way, even though the elderly driver was too scared and confused to back up. His first attempt almost sent his car careening into the oncoming Mercedes. After 40 minutes the elderly man reversed with help from bystanders. Traffic began to flow through the tunnel shortly afterwards. Both motorists were gone by the time police arrived.

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