Aston Martin hoons its DB10 for 007

It always goes back to Skyfall, doesn't it? On November 6, 2015, we will join James Bond again as he hunts for another piece of his past, one that has grown into a dark, evil creeper known as Spectre. Since Aston Martin is now nearly just as synonymous with Bond as the agent's nemesis Blofeld, it's certain that the carmaker will have just as much fun as we do during the buildup.

Or more fun, perhaps, judging by this spot. The rather handsome DB10 is put to work sending the world a message for the spy we love the most, and blows a lot of smoke in the effort. You can watch that in the video above.

Speaking of smoke, if you haven't got enough of the pre-release action yet there's another video below with director Sam Mendes and his special effects minions showing what went into creating the practical effects on three continents, like flying a helicopter down a Mexico street. Enjoy both.

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