Xcar has sampled its fair share of high-performance machinery. And a fair few of them have come from Stuttgart and its satellite in Affalterbach. The British video crew had yet to sample the new Mercedes flagship, but it takes care of that in this latest installment. That's right, it's time to check out the new Mercedes-AMG GT.

AMG's new twin-turbocharged halo car has a tough act to follow, hitting the scene in the wake of the celebrated Mercedes SLS AMG, what with its gullwing doors and big atmospheric V8. But even with those big, wide rubber shoes to fill, Xcar finds there's plenty to love in the new AMG GT – particularly in the exhaust note, which is far from a given from a forced-induction engine. And with as much as 503 horsepower on tap, Xcar aptly points out that it's as potent as many a supercar from just a few years ago. Yet it's far more reasonably priced – in relative terms, that is.

It's enough to not only put BMW's M and Audi's Quattro divisions to shame, but put Porsche on notice in the process. And therein lies the vital question: is it better than a 911? Even a 911 Turbo? That's the answer that Xcar seeks to find in this latest video, but you'll want to watch it for yourself to see what conclusion they've reached.

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