A police department in Texas caused a stir after they posted pictures of their hot new ride on social media last week. This 2007 Corvette Z06 with dark-tinted windows once belonged to a drug dealer, but was seized in a DEA raid. The feds awarded the Corvette to the New Braunfels Police Department for their help in bringing down the drug distribution ring in the area. When police posted images of the car on their Facebook page, some followers were angry that tax dollars were spent on such an extravagant car. New Braunfels PD were quick to defend themselves.

"To be clear, this vehicle was awarded to NBPD as part of an asset distribution from the Federal DEA criminal case of a large drug distribution ring in our area," the New Braunfels PD wrote on their Facebook page. "NBPD was instrumental in helping bring down that drug enterprise. Property seized during the course of an investigation is only awarded to the law enforcement agency after a court has determined that the suspect was involved in criminal activity and the proceeds (money) from that activity (i.e dealing drugs) paid for the items seized. Therefore, no property is given to a law enforcement agency prior to the investigation being completed and tried in a court of law."

With a 505 horsepower V8 engine this murdered-out Corvette could outrun most speeders and getaway drivers. As is often the case in instances such as this, however, the 'Vette will be used in community outreach programs rather than as an active-duty cruiser. The department is currently holding a contest asking kids between 8 and 16 years old to find a name for the sports car. Currently, the most liked name is 'Optimus Crime'. A final winner will be chosen by the department on September 22. The kid who picks the name will earn bragging rights, plus a ride in the Corvette when its unveiled at the Comal County Fair Parade this weekend.

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