Chevy Bolt EV might not come to UK

200-Mile Single-Charge Range May Not Be Enough To Reach London

Anyone expecting the upcoming James Bond movie to feature scenes with the suave namesake cruising around London in a Chevrolet Bolt (yes, there are some of us around) will likely be disappointed. That's because it is apparently doubtful that the General Motors flagship division will make right-hand-drive versions of the electric vehicle for the UK. So we'll have to suffice with the dashing spy ripping around town in Aston Martins and the like. The UK's Autocar reported from the Frankfurt Auto Show and quoted a Chevrolet spokeswoman saying the Bolt with be "a global vehicle," though she wasn't more specific, or specific enough for the British.

Indeed, GM is prepping to sell the Bolt in the US and will also distribute the EV in Europe with an Opel nameplate. This is how it worked with the Chevrolet Volt extended-range plug-in (known as Opel Ampera across the Pond). That said, the fine citizens of the UK will be left out of the opportunity to buy the electric vehicle, which may make a pretty big splash thanks to a single-charge range of about 200 miles, or more than double anything that's not a Tesla Model S. The Bolt will sell in the US for $37,500 before government incentives kick in.

It was announced this past February that the Bolt will go into production at GM's Orion plant near Detroit at some point. For a time, GM thought of changing the name because of potential confusion with the Chevy Volt, but GM confirmed this past spring that the name will stick. The car is expected to go on sale in 2017.

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