The world's biggest superyachts aren't merely isolated, ultra-luxurious vessels. They also carry other vehicles on board, known as tenders. They can be smaller boats, jet skis, miniature submarines, even helicopters. But BAC has another idea.

The British automaker responsible for the BAC Mono has announced the launch (in one sense or another) of the new Marine Edition. It's based on the single-seat sports car, but has been re-engineered specifically for use on super-yachts. That means it's been marinized with anti-corrosion coating for components, lifting points to hoist in onto the deck, a carbon-fiber davit arm, and a climate-controlled container to store it in on board.

Otherwise it's essentially the same as the latest 2016 BAC Mono, right down to the 2.5-liter inline-four sourced from Ford, with Cosworth pistons and Mountune optimization, driving 305 horsepower to the rear wheels for a 0-60 time quoted at 2.8 seconds. Of course with just one seat, it's not going to serve much use transporting owner, guests, and crew around town when at port, but its 1,280-pound dry weight will ensure it'll be easier than most to load and unload. And you can bet it'd be a lot of fun. And at the end of the day, that's the point of most of the tender vehicles super-yachts carry on board.

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- Built-to-order luxury BAC Marine Edition Mono based on popular single-seater Mono supercar, powered by 305bhp 2.5-litre Mountune engine
- Complete with a carbon-fibre crane arm and lifting points for super-yachts, the Marine Edition is completely customisable inside and out
- The new Marine Edition features marinised anti-corrosion components as it's designed for life on-board the world's most premier super-yachts and costs £500,000
- The Marine Edition reflects a wider momentum within the BAC brand with a new dedicated factory in Liverpool producing four Monos per month
- The company is known as a unique British brand in the top tier of the global luxury market, focusing on cutting-edge product development, with significant exports to the US, South America, Japan and Asia

Liverpool, 21 September 2015

BAC unveils its latest iteration of the popular Mono – The Marine Edition. Built on a passion for luxury and exclusivity, BAC has created a Mono that is at home aboard any super-yacht.

Weighing in at only 580kg, the Mono is ideally suited to the super-yacht environment where lean mass, performance and design are paramount.

Based on the Model Year 2016 Mono, the 305bhp 2.5-litre Mountune-powered single-seater car has been custom-made by the top tier luxury British carmaker, BAC. The car, which is completely customisable inside and out, has been created with a focus on luxury marine lifestyle.

The Marine Edition comes complete with a carbon-fibre crane arm designed to transport the Mono on top of any super-yacht, the crane arm can be universally used with all yacht crane systems.

The chassis has been developed with the crane arm in mind too, with custom chassis lifting points for super-yacht crane cradles and mounting to helipads, making sure that the Mono is secure whilst on board.

To ensure that the Marine Edition is kept protected in the salty climates, BAC has developed an anti-corrosive coating for components. BAC will deliver the car with an Environmental Control Container System to stow the car on board with temperature and humidity controls, guarding the car from the marine environment.

Costing £500,000, the Marine Edition is completely bespoke and built to order, reflecting a wider momentum within the BAC brand. With a new dedicated factory in Liverpool, BAC are able to produce four cars per month to compete with strong demand from customers in the US, Europe, South America and Asia at its current capacity.

BAC co-founder Ian Briggs started his career in yacht design and says, "I started my career designing luxury yachts and I have wanted to combine my love of marine and automotive design ever since. The Marine Edition Mono represents purpose and style for a clientele that knows no compromise."

Andrew Whitney, Director of Strategy & Corporate Development at BAC says, "Today's super-yachts are paragons of exquisite taste, exceptional design, and the ultimate experience possible. It is only fitting that owners should be able to extend that experience beyond the vessel upon arrival.

"The Marine Edition Mono is uniquely qualified, with unparalleled design, performance and driving sensation, while its low mass of only 580kg allows vessels to carry even a brace of Monos for a little over a ton. What better way for friends to arrive?"

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