Bask in Ford truck history with this website [UPDATE]

UPDATE: A typo originally referred to the F-100 in 1948, rather than the F-1. It has been corrected.

In celebration of the venerable F-Series, Ford has put together an interactive website digging into the model's history, dating back to the F-100 F-1 in 1948. While the video above just takes you through the looks of the various generations of Ford's pickups, you need to check out the website to get the full experience. Each major model change is accompanied by a small blurb of descriptive text. As a real highlight for fans of auto history, high-res vintage advertising and photographs also come with each one.

The Blue Oval wants to get truck fans involved, as well. At the bottom of the page, owners can share a shot of their F-150, and Ford is showing a few of them online. If you have some free time during the day to bone up on your F-Series history, the page is definitely worth a visit.

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