MotoGeo proves destination can be as great as the journey

And Explores The Full Flexibility Of The Ducati Multistrada 1200

Generally, if someone were to say "the journey is greater than the destination," we'd be quick to nod in agreement. This is especially true when the itinerary involves a 2,000-mile two-wheeled trek from Los Angeles to Colorado Springs, specifically calculated to fully test out the different riding modes of the Ducati Multistrada 1200: urban mode for escaping LA and easy cruising through a glittering Las Vegas night, enduro for the bumpy back-country trails and goat paths of Utah, and touring mode to put down some serious miles and power through Colorado's mountain passes.

This is the course plotted earlier this year by Jamie Robinson, the affable former professional road racer behind MotoGeo – a video-centric website dedicated to motorcycles and adventure. After three days of epic cross-country travel, he reached the site of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, ready to engage sport mode and turn that whole journey/destination equation on its head.

After putting on some racing rubber, swapping the suspension, and applying stickers, he spent the week learning the 156 unique turns of Americas Mountain during practice and qualifying sessions. When race day finally arrived, he not only kept the tires on the tarmac, but turned in a respectable 10:35.2 result, giving him the fourth-fastest motorcycle finish. Not bad for a rookie!

As is his wont, he recorded both segments of this amazing adventure, and edited them down into two eminently watchable videos. You can view the journey portion above, while the destination piece awaits perusal below.

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