Recharge Wrap-up: Biofuel's RFS worry, Hyperloop hire

DOE Invests In EV Everywhere, SuperTruck

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Hyperloop Technologies has hired Robert Lloyd as CEO. Lloyd was president of technology company Cisco before leaving in June when he was passed over for the position of CEO. Hyperloop Technologies is working on a high-speed transportation system based on a vacuum tunnel. "We think the public is tired of having an antiquated transportation system that's based on technologies that were invented a century ago," says Lloyd. He continues, "We're living in an on-demand economy, but the backbone of this economy has to keep up, and Hyperloop is in the process of building that new transportation backbone." Read more at Teslarati.

The US Department of Energy (DOE) is investing $55 million in projects supporting the EV Everywhere Grand Challenge and the SuperTruck program. The projects focus on making cars and trucks, including EVs and alternative fuel vehicles, more efficient. "Investing in advanced vehicle technologies will improve the efficiency of today's vehicles while also supporting the next generation of hybrid and electric vehicles," says Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz. "The deployment of these technologies will give Americans more options when they are choosing a vehicle, while also creating jobs and cutting harmful carbon emissions." Read more from the DOE.

Biofuel executives are expressing concerns over a Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) proposal. The proposal, which includes a volume requirement for cellulosic biofuels that falls short of the statutory requirement, is seen as detrimental to the industry and the spirit in which the RFS was created. In a letter to President Obama, executives in the biofuel industry say that the proposal is discouraging investment and is pushing biofuel projects and jobs overseas. "As we see the proposal moving forward, it has chilled the outlook for us, for further investing," says Poet-DSM President Dan Cummings. "We have a network of an additional 25 plants in the US that are eligible to further adapt this technology ... but we're struggling." Read more from Ethanol Producer Magazine .

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