The letters GTO have been used by several automakers – each from different countries. Depending on where your automotive enthusiasm is centered, you might associate the name with Pontiac or with Ferrari. But those weren't the only ones to use those letters. So did Mitsubishi.

In fact, the 3000GT (also known as the Dodge Stealth) that competed with the likes of the Toyota Supra and Nissan 300ZX back in the 1990s was sold as the GTO back home in Japan. But Mitsu didn't pull that name out of nowhere. It was merely the revival of an old nameplate. Back in the 1970s, Mitsubishi used those letters on a version of the Colt, of all things. And that's what Petrolicious has profiled in this latest video.

This Seventies-era Mitsubishi Colt Galant GTO GSR belongs to one Matt De Mangos, an enthusiast, collector, and consummate tinkerer out in California who fell in love with the vintage pocket rocket. Since the Colt Galant GTO was designed for the Japanese Domestic Market, few ever made it to other markets. So De Mangos imported one privately to the United States, and invested a lot of time into researching and restoring the vehicle. The result may not be the usual classic you'd expect to see an American hot-rodder restoring, but that's apparently just the way Matt likes it. Hear his story in the video above.

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