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2016 VW GTI Clubsport is a new breed of forbidden fruit

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And this, friends, is the closest we'll ever get to the Volkswagen GTI Clubsport. As we were sad to report, this middle child between the standard GTI and the high-performance Golf R will not be coming to our shores, no matter how much we beg and plead.

For those that need a refresher, the Clubsport was inspired by a concept originally shown at Wörhtersee earlier this year. Its positioning means it's up on power – there are 261 (probably underrated) horsepower in this compact – although mum's the word on any upgrades to the suspension. As we previously noted, the extra 51 hp over stock will get the mid-level hot hatch to 60 in just 5.9 seconds, if you opt for the dual-clutch automatic, or an even six seconds with the manual trans.

Loathe as we are to admit it, aside from the extra horsepower, most of the stuff about the Clubsport appears to be aesthetic. The body kit is all new and significantly more aggressive than the what's found on the GTI, while new 18-inch wheels are standard, although 19s can be optioned. Also larger, the twin chrome exhaust tips. In the cabin, there are far more aggressive sport seats, which are quite simply too cool to be sold in the US (just kidding, it's probably some silly federal regulation).

We just had to mosey on down to the Volkswagen stand and check out the new GTI Clubsport. You can view all of our shots of the new hatch up top.

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