BMW CEO faints on stage at Frankfurt press conference

Newly minted BMW AG CEO Harald Krüger has had a rough start to his first Frankfurt Motor Show in that position. Krüger fainted about five minutes into the BMW press conference. A pair of assistants helped the executive to his feet and off-stage, and, understandably, the presser was cancelled.

A report in Financial Times indicates that Krüger was not feeling well leading up to his appearance at the show, and that the fainting spell was a result of "a moment of dizziness." Krüger was taken to an area hospital where he is said to be recovering from the incident, and in stable condition.

The life of the top dog at a major automaker has got to be stress-filled, sleep-deprived, and hard to handle under normal circumstances, let alone before a major exhibition like Frankfurt. We wish Krüger a speedy recovery getting back to it.

And we're certain that he'll face a busy schedule, once again, when he's back on his feet. The CEO replaced Norbert Reithhofer in May of this year, and now oversees a BMW with as big a model lineup as the brand has known, including the recently launched new 7 Series. Here in Frankfurt, BMW is also featuring the new-for-2016 X1 small crossover, while the Mini brand has unwrapped the revised Clubman.

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