Make your last ride electric in a Korbiyor fuel cell hearse

Charles Bombardier - grandson of Joseph-Armand Bombardier, yes, that Bombardier - spends part of his time envisioning conceptual modes of transport from the Sirène kayak to the Blackbolt space drone. One of his latest ideas is the Korbiyor, an electric hearse powered by fuel cells that looks made for transporting one of Tron's failed disc warriors to a binary grave.

Bombardier hails from Quebec, and the vehicle's name comes from the French word for hearse, corbillard. It has no place for a driver, but space for just one passenger who is lowered into the lightweight composite body of the car. It can be programmed to drive a particular course, it can follow the person in front of it, or it can be controlled by remote control, turning in and navigating into tight spaces with the help of mecanum wheels and all-wheel drive. Guests for that last road trip can view the person of honor in a transparent coffin that is refrigerated by the fuel cells. Interactive funerals are possible with the Kobiyor's integrated multimedia projector and surround-sound audio.

Since there are no plans to put the Kobiyor into production, though, your other options for making a statement all the way to the grave include the 1,300-horsepower Cadillac hearse, T-Pain's "Dolphin Killer," or the greener options of a Harley-Davidson hearse, the Carbonyte Smart, and the riveting looking Bergadana Solutions EV.

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