Nissan teases Gripz concept inspired by 240Z rally cars

The rumor about Nissan's crossover concept for the Frankfurt Motor Show wearing the brand's famous Z badge is starting to make a lot more sense thanks to the latest teaser video. Dubbed the Gripz, this CUV takes inspiration from both 240Z rally cars and high-performance, road-going bicycles. So while this model might not be the next Z-car, it's definitely trying to evoke that style.

According to Nissan, the Gripz "explores a new sporty direction for a crossover concept and was conceived to create an innovative new driving sensation." The video appears to briefly show a turbine at work, indicating the engine might be turbocharged. There's also a glimpse at a chronograph-inspired gauge cluster. Unfortunately, the company's latest clip doesn't give away much more than that, but there are some great glimpses of those old-school racers. The Gripz gets a full debut in Germany on Sept. 15.

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