Watch Elon Musk's appearance on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert

UPDATE: The YouTube video was removed, but CBS has made a short version of the interview available here. Thanks to reader BlankaLi for the link.

The last time Tesla CEO Elon Musk talked to comedian Stephen Colbert on late night TV, Colbert made jokes about the electric car (and rocket) magnate being either a superhero or a super villain. Last night, Musk appeared on Colbert's new show – the revised The Late Show, on CBS – and Colbert kept things fresh by joking about Musk being a super villain. Yeah, we know.

While the jokes haven't changed much since Musk's 2010 appearance on The Colbert Report, the topics were a bit different this time around, including terraforming Mars with nuclear weapons and how to make reusable rockets that don't crash. Musk also said that the most important thing that humanity needs to solve this century is clean energy, which got a big response from the audience. The crowd wasn't as excited about the clip (which regular AutoblogGreen readers have probably seen) of the somewhat creepy, auto-charging robotic Powerarm, but it did allow Musk to make an mild anal sex joke. Another guest on the show, actress Scarlett Johansson, said that she is a Musk fan and even went on a SpaceX factory tour. Colbert mentioned that he owns and enjoys his Tesla Model S as well.

There was one slightly uncomfortable moment, when Colbert called Musk one of the CEOs of SpaceX. Musk corrected the host to say he was the CEO, and they laughed it off. But, anyone who's been following the Tesla story since the beginning (like me) probably got a flashback to Musk's leadership struggle with Tesla co-founder Martin Eberhard from many years ago. You can watch Musk's Colbert appearance above.

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