UPDATE: The 31,225 estimate in the chart above includes the estimated 4,303 cancellations. We thought those had already been removed from the total. This brings the estimated net (in green) to 26,892.

Prospective Tesla Model X buyers have been putting down deposits for the all-electric CUV since it was first revealed way back in February of 2012. Despite significant delays – it was originally meant to arrive in late 2013, and then April 2015 – the orders have continue to flow in, each accompanied by a check for $5,000 (or $40,000 for a Signature Series vehicle, which will be delivered first and have special options.)

Though the tide of orders has ebbed and flowed over the years, since reassuring investors that the first deliveries will start this September 29th, there has been something of a storm surge. According to the unofficial, but reasonably rigorous, accounting for August graphed out on the Tesla Motors Club forum by member Paul Carter, the average daily number of orders has jumped from a "lifetime" average of about 24 per day to an approximate 37.2 per day. (The chart actually shows 55.8 per day, but Carter tells AutoblogGreen that is due to an anomaly in reservation reports from China.)

This brings the global number of pre-ordered vehicles to an estimated 31,225 26,892. Pretty impressive, considering no one has yet seen the final production version, and a price tag that ranges from around $90,000 (based on a tweet by CEO Elon Musk that says the X is $5,000 more than a Model S) to as high as $144,000 for a Signature Series with all the trimmings, including the $10,000 Ludicrous mode which increases 0-to-60 acceleration to a mere 3.2 seconds.

If you want to get totally geeky on the Model X numbers, we suggest you head over to the freshly-launched ModelX Tracker website, where you can see charts of reservations by region, what options others are ordering, as well as enter data from your own reservation.

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