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Nissan-Renault mule teases mysterious subcompact

nissan renault test mule front three quarters
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  • nissan renault test mule front three quarters
  • nissan renault test mule camouflage
  • nissan renault test mule side camouflage
  • nissan renault test mule profile
  • nissan renault test mule side design
  • nissan renault test mule body panel camouflage
  • nissan renault test mule rear three quarters view
There's always something intriguing about a mystery, especially of the automotive kind, and that's exactly what we have here. Our spies recently spotted this Nissan- Renault test mule on the road in Southern Europe. But what, exactly, are they testing?

From the front end, it's clear this mule started life as a Nissan Versa Note, but check it out in profile to see the cut down rear doors. They're significantly shorter than on the production car, and the wheelbase isn't as long here, either. The tacked on fender flares suggest a wider track than stock, too. Making things even more complicated is the bizarre cladding this subcompact hatch is wearing. The odd tumors on the hood and blistered side panels indicate that the automaker is trying to keep the design underneath a secret.

Given Renault and Nissan's tight relationship, it also isn't clear which company is testing this model. While the body comes from the Note, this one is wearing French license plates. According to our spies, the vehicle was also spotted leaving a Renault testing location.

There are some possibilities, though. Renault already has the new Twingo out, and the next-gen M├ęgane has an imminent release. The French brand could now be at work on a future Clio. Alternatively, Nissan is reportedly using the Sway concept as inspiration for the upcoming Micra, and we could be getting a preview here. Give us your best guess in Comments.

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