BMW E9 3.0L CSL Batmobile is an awesome retro racer

When BMW released pictures of its 3.0 CSL Hommage earlier this year and then brought a period-livery racing example to Pebble Beach, this is the car it was looking at. The BMW E9 New Six CS came before BMW Motorsport and BMW M cars existed, and well before the tagline "The ultimate driving machine," but it paved the way for all of them. Built as a road-going coupe from 1968 to 1975, 1,265 units out of a total production run of 30,546 units were homologated for the European Touring Car Championship.

Fitted with the final specification aero package in 1973 and powered by a 3.003-liter inline six-cylinder with a base rating of 200 horsepower, it proved such an able racer that it won the overall ETCC trophy six times - four of those after its road car donor had ceased production, and a bunch of other races like a class win at Le Mans. Clean samples go for huge money.

That aero kit earned it the nickname "Batmobile," and Car Throttle drove a left-hand-drive version in the UK (BMW did build 500 right-hand-drive models, though). This is less a car review and more a dream drive, the host letting us know right off that the 3.0 CSL is the one car he's wanted to drive more than any other. He also finds that the Coupe Sport Leicht had a stop/start system... of the temperamental kind. Check it out in the video above.

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