Our best look yet at the latest Batmobile

Like most rational, sane people, I hold fast to the truth that the 1989 edition of the Batmobile is the best Batmobile. It's sleek, dark and mysterious, and powered by a turbine engine with a massive front-mounted air intake and an afterburner at the rear. Seriously, that car is the best Batmobile, people.

Unless, that is, you need to drive over some of the bumpier sections of Gotham City. In that case, the low-slung Batmobile from the Tim Burton series of movies isn't really appropriate. Sure, it's got grappling hooks to help make quick getaways, but it doesn't have a heck of a lot of suspension travel. Forgetting about the epically awesome Batwing from the same film, Batman was surely stuck on level ground way back in '89.

Purposely forgetting the vehicular atrocities we saw on the Big Screen when Joel Schumacher was at the helm, the next notable Batmobile was a massive departure. The Tumbler, as it was known, could go pretty much anywhere a wheeled vehicle could potentially go. While perhaps not as classically cool as the '89 Batmobile, the Tumbler is still awesome.

Now there's a new Batmobile, and it will shuttle Batman to and fro as he faces what must be his most challenging opponent yet: Superman. We've yet to see Batman's latest set of wheels is truly capable of, but we can at least see what it looks like moving under its own power. And it's cool. See for yourself in the video above, in which the latest Batmobile goes on display at the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in Hollywood, California.

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