Volkswagen bringing new Tiguan to Frankfurt

As expected, Volkswagen will introduce the new Tiguan crossover at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. While the brand hasn't quite gotten on the endless teaser train, VW's German Facebook page has released a simple shot of the new crossover covered up on the Wolfsburg factory line.

We're not able to learn much from the single image released by VW Deutschland, as the sheet being used hides virtually all the body's details. The caption for the image is no help either, simply saying that the first Tiguan for Frankfurt has rolled off the Wolfsburg line.

So yeah, that's about it. But while this image isn't terribly informative, we already know quite a bit about the new Tiguan. Its looks will likely be inspired by the Cross Coupe GTE and CrossBlue Concepts, while additional body styles could be offered later in the CUV's life. For performance fans, there will likely be a 300-horsepower R model, in addition to the standard array of gas and diesel engines.

Check out the image from VW Germany's Facebook page, and then be sure to head back in a few weeks for the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Volkswagen Tiguan Information

Volkswagen Tiguan

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