Mercedes' Tesla fighter will have 311-mile range

Mercedes-Benz is preparing to take the fight to Tesla, and it'll do it using an EV with up to a 311-mile range, the company's research-and-design boss told German publication Auto Motor und Sport (Google Translate warning). Perhaps more impressive than just the range, though, will be the modular nature of the EV platform, which will allow Stuttgart to easily adapt it to multiple vehicles.

"We are working on an intelligent concept for a highly attractive electric vehicle with a range of [228-311 miles]," Mercedes' Thomas Weber said in the interview with Auto Motor und Sport. Weber added that this vehicle is coming "soon," although that word can have multiple meanings in this industry.

Mercedes is taking Tesla and the all-electric vehicle increasingly seriously, as Automotive News reports. But while it continues to invest heavily in EVs and hydrogen fuel cells – roughly half of Daimler's $6.4 billion research-and-design budget went into research on low-emissions tech last year – the company is most heavily committed to plug-in hybrids. As previously announced, Stuttgart will field ten new PHVs by 2017, including electrified variants of the C- and S-Class.

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