Is Elon Musk going to fund a permanent Burning Man site?

4,000-Acre Nevada Site Has Lots Of Sun, Wind For Power Generation

The good news is that the site of the annual Burning Man festival is less than half a Tesla Model S battery charge away from the electric-vehicle maker's Gigafactory site near Reno, Nevada. The bad news is that recent reports that Tesla chief Elon Musk might be involved in funding a permanent Burning Man site appear to be unfounded. So we're batting .500.

Burning Man organizers are considering acquiring a 4,000-acre site near the current northern Nevada site of the festival, which lasts one week and ends this year on Labor Day, New York magazine says. The neighboring site, dubbed Fly Ranch, includes about two-dozen hot and cold springs as well as a good-sized (and really warm) lake. A Burning Man-owned property would serve the purpose of allowing for "homesteading" by some hardcore (and wealthier) "burners" who number about 70,000 each year. True to the Burning Man vibe, the homes would be made out of earth and no fences would be allowed. The land also has plentiful sun and wind, so the opportunity for power generation from the property is also there and true to the festival's DIY roots.

New York says Musk and Google co-founder Sergey Brin, both of whom are known to be Burning Man regulars, have toured the prospective site, and the land is said to be for sale for about $12 million. That pretty much amounts to a rounding error for men of Musk's and Brin's wealth. The pieces sound like they're coming into place, but a Tesla spokesperson told AutoblogGreen that, "Elon has not toured this property."

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