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Rolls-Royce Dawn teased, will debut on September 8

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The Rolls-Royce Dawn is coming, and we now have a handful of teaser shots, showing what we already know will be a four-passenger convertible based on the Ghost/Wraith. We have one more detail to confirm, too: the Dawn will officially greet the world on Tuesday, September 8, ahead of a public showing at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

We can't yet show you the whole car, but there's still quite a bit we can tell you. The Dawn has a lot of Wraith elements, but is different in a number of ways (and not just because it's a convertible). Excluding the doors, every body panel on the Dawn is new. The front looks like a Ghost, but the chin is pulled forward slightly. With the top up, the convertible kind of looks like a big, fancy hot rod. It's an exceptionally pretty car, especially in dark blue. The interior uses a four-seat configuration, with ample space in the rear for passengers. The Dawn's cabin uses the same layout as the Wraith, and it's seriously luxurious.

There is plenty more information we still can't share with you, like engine details, but it won't be long before we can spill all the beans. Stay tuned for the official details and images on Tuesday, September 8.

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