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Petrolicious meets the Howmet TX

At first glance the Howmet TX looks similar to other low-slung, late-'60s racing prototypes, but there's a big secret sitting behind the driver. The air scoop rising over the roof doesn't feed cool air to a big-displacement V8, but instead to a turbine spinning at 65,000 rpm. While not as famous today as the GT40s and Porsches of the era, the Howmet managed some success. Now, Petrolicious has put it on the track in a wonderfully shot new video.

Opting for the turbine was more than just a gimmick; it also kept weight down. While producing 375 horsepower, the powerplant weighed only 175 pounds, and there was no transmission, either. The chassis came directly from a Can-Am car, so the TX handled pretty well, too.

For a racing fan, listening to the Howmet speed around the track is surreal because there's no building revs or blipping throttle. To maintain efficiency, the turbine runs constantly with at least 80 percent throttle. The result is a steady whine no matter what the wheels are doing. You definitely want to give it a listen in the latest video from Petrolicious.

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