Tesla has now installed over 500 Superchargers around the world

Milestone Reached In Town Outside Of Dusseldorf, Germany

Tesla Motors recently made news by installing its 500th Supercharger electric-vehicle charging station worldwide, according to Business Finance News. But that's old news now. Because Tesla, as of late Friday, had upped its total count to 502 stations, according to its Supercharger website. Those stations total more than 2,800 charging units worldwide.

For those expecting the poetic justice of that milestone being reached in Tesla Motors' home base of the San Francisco Bay Area, prepare to be disappointed. That's because the 500th station was installed in Moers, Germany, which is about 25 miles north of Dusseldorf. And an awful long way from Fremont, CA.

Americans should fear not, however, because the US accounts for more than 200 of those stations. And, most impressively, all 502 stations have been built in fewer than three years. Now, Tesla looks to accelerate deployment in countries like the UK, South Korea, Italy, Japan, and Australia.

The California-based electric vehicle maker has received kudos for installing stations that allow for recharging gratis for owners of the Model S luxury electric sedan. More impressively is the fact that those stations can charge a Model S to 80 percent capacity in about a half hour.

Tesla earlier this month received some flak for sending out letters effectively telling some Model S owners to cut back use of certain Supercharging stations, though we're doubtful all 502 stations were name checked. And we're guessing not to many of those letters went out to the citizens of Moers, Germany, however.

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