Randy Pobst has stepped out of his bit part as the hot shoe in Motor Trend's Head 2 Head and Ignition series, taking on a starring role in his own show called The Racing Line. Billed as a performance driving series that will "teach you the fundamentals of driving fast," the first episode covers drifting, or, "the party drug of driving."

Conducted like an actual day at the track, there's a practical classroom section with Pobst at a chalkboard, in-car instruction with Pobst at the wheel, and an interview with a professional drifter who explains how drift cars are different than normal cars. Pobst instructs on four different ways to drift: Leadfoot, Race Technique, Extreeeme, and Hooligan, demonstrating the difficulty of the lesson in the best way possible, by committing a blooper during one of them. Of course, Pobst also demonstrates how good he is by sticking his head out the window and talking to the camera during a drift.

This one's for a general audience, so don't expect heeling-and-toeing and a treatise on damper rate. It's only episode one, after all. But Pobst is a lot more fun to watch than we would have guessed, and we look forward to more. Check it out above.

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