Magnus Walker crashes vintage Porsche with reporter inside

One of the minor storms on the Internet earlier this week concerned Porsche 911 collector and Outlaw tuner Magnus Walker getting in an accident in Minnesota. Walker had shipped his #277 1971 Porsche 911T to the twin city for the opening of a $10-million Porsche dealership there, and the day began with lots of Facebook and Instagram photos of the car posing all over the showroom grounds. This is the same car that we've seen in Jay Leno's Garage, in Midnight Rambler, and in a Need for Speed trailer.

Then came a photo of the 911 next to a semi trailer with its driver's side crumpled in and punctured. No one was clear on how it happened, but it seemed to involve swerving out of the way of a Mercedes-Benz on a frontage road by the dealership.

Thanks to video from the Minneapolis Star Tribune, now we know what happened. Newspaper reporter Vineeta Sawkar had been doing a story with Walker and wanted to get some video for the piece. During one pass down the frontage road Walker decided to go into a right-hander a little faster than prudent, the car understeered toward the center yellow, and then Walker did the most verboten thing one can do when cornering in a vintage 911: he lifted off the gas. Hello instant rear-engined oversteer.

Cue the fishtailing, a millimeter-fine brush with a Pagoda SL, and a crunch into that truck trailer. Sawkar said she was a little battered and bruised but ok, as is Walker – who went on to test drive a GT3 RS later in the day. Head over to the Star Tribune to see the video.

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