Optimus Prime Transformer cake equals best birthday ever

One look at the faces of the kids standing around the table staring intently at the birthday cake that sits on top is all it takes to know that one six-year-old boy has the greatest dad ever. Or, at least, the greatest birthday-cake-making dad ever. That's because this particular piece of sugary frosted goodness was baked in the likeness of Optimus Prime. And it transforms.

According to YouTuber russellmunro, his son asked for a Transformers cake for his sixth birthday. "I decided to up the ante," says dad. "My wife did the actual cake," he adds, meaning that mom must be pretty awesome, too. It's so cool we wonder if the kids felt bad cutting in and eating it. Probably not.

A related video by the same user, which you can see below, shows how the transforming base actually functions, and it's pretty darn clever. The whole contraption sits on a piece of diamond-plate, and every motor, wire and linkage is cleverly hidden under a layer of sweet frosting. That means there wasn't any hint of what was in store when the lone switch was pressed, making for the perfect conditions to get such awesome reactions from the partygoers. Well done, dad.

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