All current indications suggest driverless vehicles as the future of motoring. After all, a small cadre of Tesla Model S owners has beta access to the company's Autopilot system that adds some semi-autonomous functions right now. But when the steering wheel eventually becomes irrelevant, what happens to the automotive interior? Nikhil Gowda, a researcher at Stanford University's Center for Design Research, has been thinking about the question, and he has written an interesting article about the topic on LinkedIn.

Gowda commutes 3.5 hours a day, but he does it by bicycle and train. He thinks the future of automotive interiors could be a lot more like riding the rails. Without needing to sit up to hold a steering wheel or pay attention to the road, people can slouch down and spread out. He now sketches how people get comfy on the train, and they often get into some pretzel-like contortions to find the right position.

Automakers are beginning to tackle the driverless interior, though. For example, the Italdesign Giugiaro Gea concept imagines an autonomous luxury sedan with plush upholstery and swiveling seats. Give Gowda's piece a read for some fascinating thoughts on the future of being comfortable on a drive.

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