Even when you're not paying attention to it, Toyota is out front running ahead of its Mirai sedan, carrying the torch for hydrogen fuel cells. The company has a campaign talking up the various and potential renewable sources of hydrogen, like water from Oil Creek in Titusville, Pennsylvania, where the oil boom went nuts in the United States in 1858. The first video, from April this year and directed by Morgan Spurlock, talked up the opportunities that emerged from the backsides of cows.

The latest video in the series touts the hydrogen possibilities of lemonade, the kind that kids throw out when they can't sell it all at five cents a pop, with some help from comedian Nikki Glaser. The video is above, the press release is below.

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Toyota Mirai Sips a Summer Classic in 'Fueled by Lemonade'

TORRANCE, Calif. (August 20, 2015) – Don't pour out that lemonade. Toyota and comedian Nikki Glaser have taken a humorous look at a potential fuel source – discarded lemonade from kids' lemonade stands. And the lemonade stand business is tough out there.

The resulting video is "Fueled by Lemonade," the third online video in Toyota's multi-part "Fueled by Everything" series aimed at educating about the potential of hydrogen fuel. The campaign leads up to the arrival of the 2016 Toyota Mirai in select California dealerships in October.

Toyota's "Fueled by Everything" campaign was created with creative agency partner Droga5. To see the video and information about Toyota's commitment to fuel cell technology, visit www.toyota.com/mirai/fueledbyeverything.html

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