Many of us might dream of having a famous racetrack all to ourselves, but a group of teens at Lime Rock Park went about securing that track for themselves in entirely the wrong way. According to the course's official statement, five youths broke into the circuit at about 8:00 PM local time on August 19, took some go-karts, and drove them on the circuit.

The joyride didn't end well for two of the teens when they crashed near pit lane. According to Road & Track, a 15-year-old girl suffered head and torso injuries and was taken to the hospital via helicopter. A 15-year-old boy with harm to his head and arm went to a different hospital. Their wounds reportedly weren't life threatening.

The karts belong to Endurance Karting, LLC, which has an event scheduled at Lime Rock on Friday and Saturday. Company spokesperson Chris McCoy told Autoblog that there are still enough karts for this weekend. He couldn't speak to whether the business is pursuing criminal charges or a civil case against the teens, but there was "significant property damage," McCoy said.
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Official statements regarding the incident on Wednesday, August 19th

From Lime Rock Park

Five teens, exact ages unknown, broke into Lime Rock Park approximately 8:00 p.m., took five go-karts from a karting school company which is scheduled to hold its programs Friday and Saturday, and then drove them on the race track. At some point, two of the five kids crashed the go-karts near pit lane.

From Endurance Karting, LLC

Endurance Karting confirms that unauthorized persons used their karts while the track was closed, which seems to confirm that there was a break-in at the track:

1) There was an incident involving several of our karts.
2) The incident did not occur during an Endurance Karting sanctioned event. The sanctioned event is on Friday and Saturday.
3) The incident occurred while the Lime Rock Park facility was closed.
4) No one was authorized by Endurance Karting or Lime Rock Park to be operating a kart on the grounds at that time.
5) Those involved were not Endurance Karting customers, employees, or guests.

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