With the look of a clown shoe on wheels, the BMW M Coupe was a product of using what was around to create something great. Starting with the Z3 convertible, BMW's engineering team added a bulbous roof to improve rigidity, and for the M version, it dropped in the inline six from the contemporary M3. While the result wasn't a beauty queen, the car more than made up for any aesthetic complaints in driving pleasure. Petrolicious talks to owner Alex McCulloch about just what makes the tiny three-door so special in its latest video.

With a fairly short wheelbase, plenty of power, and a rear suspension from the E30-chassis BMW 3 Series, the M Coupe can be a quite handful at the limit. "I used to say it wanted to kill me, but now we've reached an agreement where it's not quite as murderous," McCulloch says. He's eventually found that the only real way to exploit the coupe to its fullest is on the track, where he competes in time trials. To get lap times as low as possible, the BMW now wears quite a few mods, but McCulloch says that it's all reversible. Figure out what competitive hang gliding has to do with driving in this clip from Petrolicious.

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