Car Club USA

Car Club USA: Minis On Top

Minis Climb Mt. Washington In The Annual New England Owner Event

Car Club USA heads to New Hampshire for Minis On Top, an annual Mini owner event at the base of Mt. Washington. Owners meet, greet, and compete for best of show honors, and then make the thrilling ascent to the top of Mt. Washington.

"You get about halfway up the mountain and all the sudden you can't see," remarks one driver of the sometimes treacherous conditions.

Events like Minis On Top have been bringing together this tight-knit automotive community for years. "When I bought it, I really... didn't know it was a car that came with friends," said Eric Ruiz, one of the event coordinators.

"I have no idea where my life would be had I not bought that Mini off the dealership floor," said Emily Martian, who struck up a long-distance relationship with fellow Mini driver Steve Nikitopoulos at another owner event. "So, yes, technically Minis brought us together."

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