Nissan dealer: 2016 Leaf will have 110-mile battery option

Yes, This Rumor Again, But This Time It's Sort Of Official

  • Image Credit: Nissan
Leave it to a local dealer in Indiana to spill the beans about the beans about the changes to the upcoming 2016 Nissan Leaf. Maybe. There's a dealer near Indianapolis called Andy Mohr Avon Nissan near Indianapolis and its website says that the new Leaf will come with two battery packs.

The dealer says that the 2016 Leaf will come with two different battery trim levels. You can choose a car with the same pack as the 2015 Leaf has (and, thus, still get 84 miles of official range) or you can opt for the higher trim level, which will give you, "as much as 25 percent increased capacity, delivering a driving range of as much as 110 miles."

Now, let's take all of this with some grains of salt and combine it with previous rumors. First, this does not seem to be any sort of information about a second-gen Leaf. We've heard plenty of rumors that the 2016 Leaf will have a 30-kWh battery pack that can go over 100 miles, but this is sort of a version 1.5 Leaf, since this longer range will be available in an updated current model and not yet the next-gen model. Nissan's Paige Presley, from Nissan's EV and technology communications, said simply that she, "can't comment on future products."

We spoke with Joe Kline, the internet manager at Andy Mohr Avon Nissan, and he said that it was likely that the information about the two battery packs came directly from Nissan but he wasn't 100 percent sure. Kline said that the Andy Morh Avon Nissan dealership probably sold around 10 Leafs in the past year, mostly because the infrastructure isn't as built out as it could be in central Indiana. "They're not quite up to par with the charging stations around here," he said. With the longer-range version, the dealership's website says, "the new Leaf can find a home in even more garages."

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