Live tiger gets loose in Detroit's Packard plant [w/video]

A tiger got loose in Detroit's famously decrepit Packard Plant on August 17, and it wasn't one of the city's baseball players, either. The big cat was at the site for a photo shoot, reportedly along with a wolf and a bobcat. Somehow, the animal got away from handlers and started wandering around the abandoned factory, which is currently under restoration. Police and Border Patrol arrived on the scene, but trainers eventually contained the animal.

According to MLive, a group of 15 people were involved in the photo shoot and had permission to be there for two days. They also claimed to have a permit from the city to bring the animals, but a spokesperson for the plant said that only people were supposed to be there. "This is not something that we would allow to happen here," Kari Smith, director of development for the Packard Plant, said to MLive. "This is not something that we condone in any way." Security guards noticed the cages, and the shoot was shut down. But not before the tiger was able to evade its human captors.

The clip below provides a brief glimpse of the chaos in trying to herd a tiger somewhere that it clearly doesn't want to go. While the image is shaky, the animal can clearly be scene slashing its paw and growling.

"Remember, no talking near the tiger."

Or: When your friend calls and says he needs help getting a tiger out of a staircase, you listen. (I just happened to be the closest dumb person to the scene. The real crime here is that I used vertical video, apologies to the world.) #tigerwatch15 #tigerwatch2015 -- REAL STORY:

Posted by Andy Didorosi on Monday, August 17, 2015

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