Don't drive your truck like this guy

Meanwhile, in Saudi Arabia... This is the kind of dashcam-like footage we're used to seeing from either Russia or Florida, but the Middle Eastern Kingdom wanted to make a contribution to the genre. A dump truck driver tooling over a highway bridge had his empty bucket sticking right up in the air, but Saudi municipal engineers didn't design the nation's signage to clear that kind of height. It's a case of stoppable force meeting movable object.

It's possible that this isn't the driver's fault; a commenter on the video said a local paper reported that the hydraulic lift mechanism failed and raised the bed while the guy was driving, and the driver didn't know what had happened behind him. The report is in Arabic, though, so we're not sure. Not being dump truck drivers ourselves, we're also not sure how easy it should be to tell if the bed is up or down.

When we said "contribution to the genre" above, we're talking specifically about dump truck accidents: a similar, but much worse, incident happened in Ontario last year. In Canada, a drunk dump truck driver had his bed up and whacked into the overhead trusses of the high-volume Burlington Skyway bridge just before a big holiday weekend. The bridge was closed for the weekend and misery ensued for all Toronto-bound drivers. So to that Saudi guy, we say: It could be worse.

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