Portland, Oregon has opened a city block set aside for electric vehicles. Dubbed "Electric Avenue," the EV-only zone replaces one that was taken over by new construction. The new Electric Avenue is an improvement, though, with four universal, 50-kW fast chargers and two Level 2 chargers. Currently, charging is free when customers pay for the metered parking. Portland's original Electric Avenue became a gathering place for EV drivers and an opportunity for companies to test charging technology. Read more at Ecomento.

Hackers Kevin Mahaffey and Marc Rogers discussed hacking a Tesla Model S at the Def Con hacking conference. They outlined the car's vulnerabilities, particularly regarding the central information display, instrument cluster and the gateway. The hackers were able to exert control over certain subsystems, but they also pointed out some of the ways in which the car is protected from outside manipulation. Among other things, they were able to turn the car on and off, lock and unlock the doors, control the brakes under five mph, and shift the car into neutral above five mph. Tesla, who was also on hand for the presentation, has patched many of the vulnerabilities. Read more at Tom's Hardware.

The BMW i3 is now available through DriveNow in Copenhagen, Denmark. After the carsharing program's success with the electric car in Germany, the UK and US, BMW (which owns DriveNow along with car rental company Sixt) has created a fleet of 400 i3 EVs in the Danish capital. With the help of bus operator Arriva, the BMW fleet is interconnected with public transportation. "Here in Copenhagen we are now already witnessing mobility of the future," says BMW's Dr. Bernhard Blättel. "It is on-demand technology, interconnected, quiet and electric." Read more in the press release below.

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Four hundred BMW i3 for interconnected mobility in Copenhagen. BMW i supports the improvement of life-quality in cities; Electric car sharing as the key component; DriveNow with the BMW i3 shortly also in Copenhagen, directly interconnected with public transport.

Copenhagen. Following the successful introduction of the BMW i3 to the DriveNow fleets in Germany, the UK and the USA, the next major step is being taken with the commissioning of 400 BMW i3 in Copenhagen on September 3rd 2015. What is new here is an all-electric fleet which is also interconnected with public transport. The future-oriented business model stands for even more targeted orientation of individual mobility towards the needs of people in metropolitan regions.

For BMW i, car sharing using electric vehicles is an important step in opening up convenient initial access to electric mobility to the public at large, in order to reduce traffic and emissions in cities and to make a contribution there towards better quality of life.

The Danish branch of the British Arriva PLC, with a share of 50 per cent is the largest bus operator in Copenhagen.

The BMW i3 ideally fulfills the requirements of this major project. Besides being designed as an emission-free electric car, it is also the world's first automobile offering "intermodal routing", i.e. the incorporation of public transport services into the navigation system's route guidance in the car.

Dr. Bernhard Blättel, head of BMW Group mobility services adds: "Here in Copenhagen we are now already witnessing mobility of the future. It is on-demand technology, interconnected, quiet and electric. We are pleased to be able to introduce the capabilities of the BMW i3 and our expertise in future-oriented mobility concepts here in the Danish capital."

Regarding the collaboration with Arriva he adds: "We are not rivals, but cooperate with the providers of public transport in order to further develop urban mobility in a customer-oriented and sustainable way".

"We are proud and very happy to introduce this innovative solution to the city of Copenhagen together with our strong business partners. Furthermore, I am confident that DriveNow will prove as a unique opportunity for people to try out and enjoy the green means of transportation. This will contribute to a breakthrough for the electric cars," comments Nikolaj Wendelboe, CEO of Arriva Denmark.

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