Mother Nature can look quite cruel sometimes and actually appear to single out specific people while leaving others alone. For an example, just give this terrifying video from Tainan, Taiwan, a watch as a tornado comes rushing down a road. The swirling mass of wind and debris really seems to have a vendetta against a little, white hatchback that pulls onto the street at the absolute worst time, and the storm definitely achieves its destructive 'goal.' After passing, the cyclone only appears to grow larger in the distance.

Just seconds into the clip, the storm charges down the road and visibly lifts the rear end of the white car. Upon first viewing, the vehicle actually seems to disappear once the tornado passes, but keep an eye on the small cluster of tall trees at the center-right of the frame. At around 22 seconds into the clip, you can see the hatchback's brake lights come on again identifying its position after a horrifying ride.

Perhaps even more amazing is the person in blue that suddenly appears along the side of the road after the tornado and the hail of debris passes. It's very hard to tell whether this individual is hiding there the whole time or is pushed to the spot by the storm. Regardless, seeing anyone alive after such a trying ordeal is absolutely amazing.

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