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Takata has not done a good job managing its record-breaking airbag inflator recall. But while the entire affair has been a textbook-example of how not to handle a corporate crisis, the embattled supplier has finally proposed a positive step to inform drivers whose cars may be fitted with the faulty inflators.

According to a July memorandum made public yesterday and acquired by The Detroit News, Takata proposed a partnership with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for its new "Get the Word Out" campaign. Early efforts will target high-humidity regions. The campaign is a must for the supplier, whose airbag inflators have necessitated some 32 million vehicles from 11 automakers be recalled. Only a fraction, though, have had replacement inflators fitted.

There will be online advertisements on sites on major websites, including Facebook, Twitter, Google, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, and Yahoo!, while Takata will also launch a new website for recall-related information. There will be a mailing element, which will see consumers sent items that loudly ask "URGENT AIRBAG RECALL NOTICE: Does your airbag inflator need to be replaced," using all-block font. This is where the IIHS pairing comes in, as it will give Takata help in "coordinating a mailing by insurers that would encourage affected policyholders to respond to the recalls."

As The News reports, the setup still needs to be okayed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. While the campaign is currently being reviewed, it's still unclear if or when it will be approved.

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