Some cops turn a blind eye when one of their own breaks the law, but one deputy in Michigan wasn't about to let a fellow officer off the hook when he caught a sergeant driving drunk this past May.

Aaron Sawyer is a sergeant with the Rockford, MI, police department. He was caught speeding down a street in Plainfield Township, MI, by an unnamed deputy on May 31, according to WINS. The deputy hit his lights and siren, but Sawyer didn't slow down. In fact, with an officer in pursuit, he angled his bike around a car stopped at a red light and made an illegal turn. The erratic driving convinced the pursuing officer that Sawyer was actively running from police.

Eventually Sawyer did pull over, and the deputy immediately starter giving him the business, even though the two obviously knew each other. "Step off that, Aaron," the deputy said in the video, referring to the motorcycle Sawyer was driving. "What the f*** are you doing? ... Are you kidding me? I had my siren going. You were doing almost 100 down West River Drive."

Sawyer apologized and says he didn't see the deputy behind him. The deputy arrested Sawyer on charges of drunk driving after he failed a field sobriety test. He pled guilty to drunk driving and was sentenced to a year probation. He is currently on unpaid leave until he gets his driver's license back. Police may want to watch each other's backs, but when it comes to drunk driving there is no excuse. The Center for Disease Control says 30 Americans die every day from drunk driving crashes.

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