What if ads from car dealerships were really honest?

Meet Roger. In his own words, he's "a legally mandated middle-man who buys up cars and resells them for almost no profit..." Unless he screws you over. "Which I will," he says.

He works at your local dealership, and, as you might expect, he'd like to sell you a car. He doesn't really care which car, really, but he definitely wants your business... which is to say, he wants your money. Now would be great, but if you don't have it all quite yet, he'll sign you up for payments over the next several years. You choose.

Okay, fine. Roger's not a real person. He's an actor, but at least he's funny. And honest. The video you see above comes from the warped minds at Cracked, and while it certainly doesn't represent reality at all car dealerships, we're sure some of the jokes will ring true with lots of car buyers who feel like they've been taken advantage of when buying a new set of wheels.

So hop on in your moving chair, head over to see Roger (or someone else a lot like Roger), give him lots of money and prepare to give their service department lots more. It's going to be a wild ride (especially since you're sharing the road with a bunch more people who learned how to drive by someone almost qualified to be your high school gym teacher).

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