Want to know what the completed, production-ready Bentley Bentayga will look like? So do we all, and we've had some pretty good glimpses at it already. But this could be our best look at the finished form yet.

Leaking out in China are images not of the vehicle itself, but of a 1:18 scale model of Bentley's forthcoming inaugural sport-ute. And though that may not tell us precisely what it'll look like in full scale, it ought to give us a pretty darn accurate preview. Particularly given the detailed measurements with which these model manufacturers have to work.

The design is pretty much as you might expect it to look. That is to say proportions typical of a full-size Volkswagen Group crossover like the Touareg, Audi Q7, or Porsche Cayenne. Bentley design cues set it apart: four round headlights up front flanking an upright mesh grille, side vents on the front fenders, a tasteful smattering of chrome trim, and big wheels. Looks like it'll have a pretty big glass roof, too.

Or put another way, it looks like a toned-down version of the EXP 9 F concept that divided opinions when it debuted back at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. One way or another, we're expected to see the beast in the flesh (or the machine in the metal) at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month, so it won't be long now. In the meantime, you can scope out more over at CarNewsChina.com.

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