1970 Lamborghini Miura shows why some dreams are worth a wait

It took Dennis Varni over a decade after his first ride in a Lamborghini Miura in the late '60s to finally purchase his own 1970 Miura P400S in 1979. Judging by his story and the V12 engine's sublime sound in the latest video from Petrolicious, the wait was entirely worth it.

No matter where you look on a Miura, you find automotive beauty. On the outside, the design is a symphony of gently curving lines. The shapes are highlighted with wonderful mechanical touches like the eyelashes around the headlights or the little strakes that graduate in size just behind the side windows. Popping up the engine cover reveals a transverse V12 that's capable of a sound like thunder during a summer storm. While the interior appears a little cramped, it's really hard to complain with the carbs positioned inches from your ears and visible through the rearview mirror.

As usual, Petrolicious does a superb job in capturing not only all of the Lamborghini's visual details but the sonic ones, as well. Everyone should take a moment to listen to this wonder machine climb through the gears just to brighten their day.

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